Sunday, November 30, 2008

Episode Six, Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! How does Miss Millie pass the time while on holiday hiatus? By eating turkey and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! She barked at the television when Uno, last year's Westminster winner, appeared on screen. Did anyone else see this beagle on the Peanuts float? Check out the latest New York Times article on him; this dog-show champ has had a busy year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode Five, Flashback

Although they are best friends these days, the pompom and the beagle weren't always chummy. Let's use the ever-so-important soap opera "flashback" storytelling device to return to their original meeting:

It was a cold, snowy night two days before Christmas 2006. Millie had just jetted in from the Big Apple, where she had been living the sweet life on Manhattan's Upper East Side. When she saw Buckley, her cute brown eyes widened with excitement. She leapt forward and lunged at Buckley's face. The beagle, shocked by this display and none-too-thrilled by her overly energetic new house guest, retreated into the corner. The holiday atmosphere did little to thaw the chill between the two dogs.

The new year brought new perspective. Though supervised visits, Millie and Buckley began to bond. Now in Boston, they are rarely apart. Each morning, the beagle awakens to find Millie diligently washing her face. They share toys, a bed and--as long as Millie stays away from Buckley's food-- everything else as well. They are sisters and truly are two of a kind.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Episode Four, Puppies in the Park

With the holidays fast-approaching and downtime on the doggie set, where are the pups to go play? The park, of course! A  local Boston park is an ideal escape for the city dog. Some of Millie and Buckley's favorites include: 

The Esplanade
The Back Bay Fens
Franklin Park (Jamaica Plain)
Charlesgate Dog Run, Back Bay (off-leash)
Boston Commons

Please share any other recommendations!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Episode Three, Hair Trauma

I have to confess: I have been a bad mother to Millie.  My pom-pom pooch requires daily grooming and brushing to maintain her fabulous pomeranian fluff. I have been shirking on my hair-brushing duties-- and as a result, discovered two dreadlocks behind Millie's ears! No amount of brushing or detangling could defeat this fiercely-woven fur. And so... I was forced to take extreme measures and cut the dreadful locks from Millie's head. She is sadly oblivious to the little bald spots behind each ear. Thankfully, Sasha doesn't seem to mind and loves her all the same. Any advice for unruly dog hair?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode Two, Halloween Re-run

This episode originally aired October 31, 2008.

The opening scene featured Millie in her pumpkin costume. Although she didn't appear thrilled with the green headpiece, she embraced this wardrobe change. She looked adorable and seemed to recognize that the costume only added to her appeal.  Buckley, reprising her role as Pocahontas from last Halloween,  entered with Sasha close on her heels. He was handsome as ever in his dinosaur costume. A mystery guest,  four month old Boston Terrier  Lola, crashed the party shortly afterward in a lobster outfit. As is true with all daytime soap story lines, this stranger's arrival stirred things up. 

Ms. Millie did not fair well with the new pup on her home turf. After being robbed of her Boylston Street "cutie" crown, Millie reacted as any true puppy princess would. Her inner diva came out and she implemented a carefully crafted strategy, which consisted of yipping, barking and screeching to get rid of her unwanted house guest. Translation: pumpkin Millie made a scene and Lola the lobster fled the scene. Poor Lola was so drained from the catty dog fighting that she promptly fell asleep in the taxi's back seat on her  ride home! It was a lesson learned the hard way about late night partying. 

After Lola's departure, Millie and Sasha rekindled their romance; the former flames put their mutual  affection on display for all to see. After years of "will they or won't they" dating, this reunion was the highlight of the evening!

Buckley was MIA during all the action. She hid from the party limelight and seemed uncomfortable in her Pocahontas costume (although she looked ever-so-much the regal beagle in her outfit!). In the end, her costume was removed and she resorted to her original fur coat. 

This was certainly a night to remember. Fighting, romance, costumes and glamour provided the perfect combination for a smash success holiday party!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dogs of My Life, Pilot Episode

My self-professed weakness for gossip magazines cannot compare to the dog drama that runs rampant on my Boylston Street block. Who needs US Weekly and In Touch when I've got Dogs of Our Lives on demand each evening? Let me introduce the nightly featured cast:

Millie, my pomeranian: the sassy star of this doggie soap. An undeniable diva, Millie is perpetually performing and constantly seeks to be the center of attention. 

Buckley, my boyfriend Spencer's beagle: Millie's best friend and constant companion. Lady Bucklesworth, as she prefers to be called, lives for two things: food (any kind will do) and the human connection. She is fiercely loyal to her master.

Sasha, the shih tzu who lives downstairs: Millie's boyfriend. They have been having relationship problems as of late and haven't been playing well together, which has driven Sasha to drink.

Dodger, a beagle and good friend to Millie and Buckley: Dodger is the elderly wise man. He has weathered many storms and provides a wealth of information to all he encounters. An avid sports fan, Dodger is a Red Sox mascot and Fenway Park's canine celebrity. He's on hiatus for the moment, but look for him in the commericals!

So there you have it. Welcome to the Dogs of My Life.