Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode Five, Flashback

Although they are best friends these days, the pompom and the beagle weren't always chummy. Let's use the ever-so-important soap opera "flashback" storytelling device to return to their original meeting:

It was a cold, snowy night two days before Christmas 2006. Millie had just jetted in from the Big Apple, where she had been living the sweet life on Manhattan's Upper East Side. When she saw Buckley, her cute brown eyes widened with excitement. She leapt forward and lunged at Buckley's face. The beagle, shocked by this display and none-too-thrilled by her overly energetic new house guest, retreated into the corner. The holiday atmosphere did little to thaw the chill between the two dogs.

The new year brought new perspective. Though supervised visits, Millie and Buckley began to bond. Now in Boston, they are rarely apart. Each morning, the beagle awakens to find Millie diligently washing her face. They share toys, a bed and--as long as Millie stays away from Buckley's food-- everything else as well. They are sisters and truly are two of a kind.


Naomi said...

I think you need to do another flashback episode where your brother left Millie home alone all day on the dining room table.

JenO said...

That was a disaster!