Sunday, November 16, 2008

Episode Three, Hair Trauma

I have to confess: I have been a bad mother to Millie.  My pom-pom pooch requires daily grooming and brushing to maintain her fabulous pomeranian fluff. I have been shirking on my hair-brushing duties-- and as a result, discovered two dreadlocks behind Millie's ears! No amount of brushing or detangling could defeat this fiercely-woven fur. And so... I was forced to take extreme measures and cut the dreadful locks from Millie's head. She is sadly oblivious to the little bald spots behind each ear. Thankfully, Sasha doesn't seem to mind and loves her all the same. Any advice for unruly dog hair?


Kristin said...

HAHAHA Millie and her hair...she still has an afro though!

Amanda said...

Jen! You ruined her style! Perhaps she is experimenting with new looks/doggie identities. If you come home to find that she has tie-dyed herself next week, you better leave that self-expressive hair alone!